Sunday, September 7, 2008

what is this? - self-titled

released in 1985

this was the jumping off point for what would later become two influential bands

the band was formed in 1980 (then going by the name anthym) featured future red hot chili peppers guitarist hillel slovak...drummer jack irons...and bass player michael balzary (aka "flea")...they changed the band's name in 1984...and released two eps and a full length

flea left the band to play in the band fear (later joining rhcp)...and hillel left the band to concentrate more on the red hot chili peppers (then called tony flow and the miraculously majestic masters of mayhem)...drummer jack irons continued on with the band...and the band changed it's name to eleven

though around in the early 1980's...they didn't sound like your typical band of the time...leaning more into a more funk "college rock" direction (though "college rock" hadn't really become a genre yet)

listen to the song "big raft"...and try to pick out where else that bass line can be heard (though pre-dating it by two years)

a clue: there's a glove involved...though this one fits

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