Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we here at shiny grey monotone would like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" and "we're glad you like the product" and "you look very pretty today. would you like to attend the box social with us?"

we'll continue bringing you the stuff...if you continue to have useless space on your hard drive that you feel the need to cram things into

and for those of you that could care less for such things...we'll be sending a one david yow over to your house/apartment/parent's basement...and he's going to show you what being tight and shiny is all about

once again...thank you for your patronage

oh...and before we go...we'd like to point out thay we're branching out into the blogosphere once on the look out for the colostomy grab-bag...the link is over to the right (no no...the other way)...postings there will be appearing soon...but for now...we've prepared a few things for you all to go on...take a peek

thank you for reading

there's kool-aid and cheese on the card table in the back



the worried well said...

Should I be excited or worried, well?

ipecac said...

you should be excited to the point of worry

or the other way around

either way...i've covered the room in plastic

Cheeto said...

Hey brothers, I know Ipecac posts at the Swamp, but this is one bad-ass blog, and you guys post all the shit I listened to back in tha day, when music was fuckin' music. Carry on, and keep doing what you do! Salud!

Manel said...

michael knight needs a haircut

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