Thursday, September 18, 2008

v/a - screwed ost

released in 1996

this is what would happen if amphetamine reptile had provided the soundtrack to boogie nights

actually...this is the soundtrack to a movie called al goldstein's kingdom of porn...he's the publisher of a magazine called screwed...and he's also known for biting the messy hand that feeds him...once saying "the porn industry is a self-hating business of losers"

well...if that's so...why did i feel like a champion the day i came upon (no pun intended) a box of it in an alley?...but that's another story for another day...

so...go and put on your king buzzo wig...stand in front of a mirror...and repeat these words to yourself: "i'm a star...a great big shining star"

and if you happen to find yourself a feminine vietnamese boy with some firecrackers...CHA CHING!

1 - halo of kitten - i hate porn
2 - hammerhead - camero
3 - melvins - i like porn
4 - guv'ner - coitus city
5 - mudhoney - goat cheese
6 - strapping fieldhands - porn weasel
7 - boss hog - black throat
8 - cows - pictorial
9 - big chief - ludest nudist
10 - black light rainbow - fuck forever
11 - gear jammer - mr. peanut eats the corn out of my shit

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