Sunday, September 14, 2008

Syntax Error!

For fuck's sake! I think Mediafire has gone and deleted all my files, therefore, anything I have uploaded to this blog has vanished. 
I will try and re-up some of the material, but it's a tedious process, and one I don't relish doing. 



the worried well said...

Mediafire is down at the moment for maintenence. all may not be lost.

Anonymous said...

hands down, this is the best blog i've come across in a long time, the bands i'm familiar with kick ass and the bands i've never heard of are kicking my ass.

thanks for keeping noise rock alive.


Gray said...

i hope it's just a mediafire maintenance issue and not a "deleted all my files" issue. that would be quite a relief.

and anonymous...thanks for the compliments, i'm stoked that you're digging the blog. stay tuned for more awesomeness, and make sure you're keeping tabs on our brethren blogs linked over on the right side of the page for additional righteousness.

Gray said...

all is right with the world again, and all mediafire files are indeed right back where they belong.

sorry for the interruption of service.

see below for new post.

fred said...

phew. Scared the shit out of me for a second. Wasn't looking forward to re-upping everything on grinder.

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