Wednesday, September 17, 2008

stop it! - self made maps (and a demo)

released in 2006

first off i'd like to mention that the band's bass tone is A-mazing

this is what you'd get if you melded fugazi and at the drive-in together

"one armed scissor" meets "last chance for a slow dance"

both angular and meaty

sadly...they broke up (singer and bass player went on to form a band called brainworms)...only releasing this for the demo...all of the songs have titles of popular 80's songs (ie: "when doves cry"..."mr.roboto"...but they're not covers)

so...if you're a fan of anything else that's been put on this blog...snag this up if you don't already have it

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Cooper said...

Does this just have one demo song or the whole 7-song thing? I've got it on vinyl, just trying to track it down on digi.

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