Wednesday, September 3, 2008

JJ Paradise Players Club - Regenesis

Year: 2004
Label: Dead Teenager

Was this posted on another blog in the past couple of months? Yes? No? I can't remember, and honestly...who are we kidding, it doesn't matter. It's free music. If you got it, you got it already, if not, check it out and then go buy it.
So what is it anyway? Fucking godhead, that's what. It's one of those rare bands that is made up of dudes from other bands and it actually sounds like an exact amalgamation of those previous outfits. Amazing yes? I'm asking a lot of questions, huh?
Here are the bands that composed JJ Paradise Players Club: Unsane, Glazed Baby, Shiner, Kill Van Kull, Die 116, Kiss It Goodbye, Hell No, and Go. This record sounds like all of those bands (alright, except for Go), with heavy emphasis on the Unsane and Die 116 portions. Somehow, I get some High On Fire coming through, and that can't be a bad thing.
Great, great, great record. They go by Players Club now, and actually on this release as well, I just thought their former nom de plume was cooler.


scotg said...

wow. pretty good list of bands there. especially unsane and glazed baby.

Manel said...

this record is so good it makes me want to be a tree

Gray said...

that's one of the strangest things you could have possibly said.

All Out Ward said...

Anyone have any more Players Club material? Been looking for Wine Cooler Blowout and anything else (I have Regenesis) by them.

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