Sunday, September 21, 2008

hissing choir - 10.03 - ottobar - baltimore,md

seeing as how the pageninetynine post sparked some interest in this you go

and as far as i know...this is their only recorded material thus far (though the band is considered's "sleeping" can also find a few videos on youtube)

this was their very first's three songs long (as explained by jr the vocalist: "it's our first show dude...we only got three songs")

the band is pretty much the singer of the band pig destroyer fronting pageninetynine...but sounds more like the latter

all of the songs are untitled


fred said...

OTTOBAR. My favorite venue.

phidl said...

wow, you are the best person ever to run a blog. when my band finishes our new album i want to send it your way. not sure when thats gonna be though

ipecac said...

you should totally do that

what's your band called?

phidl said...

we're called cancerface. theres some stuff up at . the first track on there is gonna be on the new one, but the others are older (from before i joined the band) and have a diffent kinda style. but youll get the idea.

ipecac said...

"sega genitals"
"sex tapes for jesus"

i'm sold

phidl said...


bryan reynolds said...

Group Icky Rats

secret, short-lived band featuring Chris from STNNNG, Jon from Coat-Tail Records and White, and bryan reynolds (me)

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