Sunday, August 17, 2008

v/a - hard to believe: a kiss covers compilation

released in 1990

this is version 1 of the compilation (version 2 was released in 1993 with less songs...and a different cover...kiss bass player gene simmons threatened a cease and desist over copyright violations because of the cover)

it was originally intended to be an australian only release through waterfront records...but the label that carried their releases in america (seattle based c/z records) took over the concept and added some US bands for a more international was offered to sub pop records for distribution...but they passed on it

1 - bullet lavolta - detroit rock city
2 - smelly tongues - parasite
3 - skin yard - snowblind
4 - hellmen - deuce
5 - all - christine sixteen
6 - hullabaloo - calling dr. love
7 - melvins - god of thunder
8 - coffin break - beth
9 - chemical people - rip it out
10 - king snake roost - i want you
11 - nirvana - do you love me
12 - the hard-ons - lick it up
13 - instigators - war machine
14 - thrust - makin' love
15 - surfin' ceasars - love gun

the nirvana track was the only studio recording to have future soundgarden bass player jason everman as a second guitarist...and chad channing on drums


the worried well said...

stop it, you're makin me dewy tipped!

ipecac said...

i've got plenty of plastic to lay down

Cheeto said...

This is fucking golden. Thanx, man.

Anonymous said...

I saw a girl run for her life in fear and disgust after going into a guys bedroom covered from floor to ceiling with Kiss posters to have sex during a party he was hosting. He was not a fan of "Grunge Rock". I still think Kiss sucks!

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