Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tight Bros. From Way Back When - Lend You A Hand

Year: 2001
Label: Kill Rock Stars

I'm on the fence about these guys, as in, I'm not sure if I buy what they're selling. It's full-on arena rawk via glam punk, complete with dueling guitars and Bon Scott styled histrionics. It's well, executed, and these dudes have enough of a pedigree that I want to like this, but there's just something missing. Curiously, they started this band about the same time as a lot of other retro-rock outfits were touring the country, sooooo. You tell me. But like I said, check their bloodline: Karp, The Whip, Big Business, Melvins, Behead The Prophet, Han Shan, Mukilteo Fairies, and Brent's TV.


Anonymous said...

Love this album. Solid R n' R. Mignight Evils, Bad Wizard, Dexateen fisrt album vein.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of posting their firs record, Runnin through my bones?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately already a dead link to this great album ..

Could you re-up it ?


Anonymous said...

Not only a dead link but a DEAD BLOG too. The only thing getting re-upped now is that way because of Viagra. You might as well give up here. The owner/blogger surely did. The link was killed in June (2009). R.I.P.

wHorse Process said...

re-up. i will fucked up with this shit

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