Tuesday, August 26, 2008

skatenigs - stupid people shouldn't breed

released in 1992

hello mom?
would you talk dirty to me?

these boys from texas obviously listened to A LOT of ministry and the revolting cocks

well...when you have al jourgensen produce your album...i guess that's something that just happens (though he later refused to take credit for it...singer phil owens and al had quite the falling out at the time...apparently the ministry song "bad blood" from the darkside of the spoon album was written about it)

the band had also supported both ministry and the revolting cocks on tour

opening the album is a "spoken word" piece by a poet named lorri jackson...she died from complications due to a heroin overdose just after this album was made

while together...they released an ep and two full lengths before splitting up in 1994



James Joyce said...

I saw them open for Fear when I was in high school. Lee Ving thanked them for "opening for us - if you know what I mean". Classic.

ipecac said...

lee ving was always such the wordsmith

"i just wanna fuck some sluts"

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Critter in this band, or was this band? Critter, as in producer for Skrew, Monster Voodoo Machine, etc,etc?

BenB said...

the link is down for this album. could you please re-up it?

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