Thursday, August 28, 2008

praxis - transmutation (mutatis mutandis)

released in 1992

this is the true meaning of fusion

this is the kind of album that makes you want to do one of two things:

1: pick up an instrument and play it until your hands bleed
2: put down said instrument...set them on fire...and walk away

this is a project that was "constructed" by bass player bill laswell (and founder of axiom records) around the talents of the enigma that is guitar player known as buckethead

and what gets added to the mix is parliment-funkadelic bass player bootsy collins (who practically invented funk) along with keyboardist bernie worrell (also of parliment-funkadelic)...drummer brain (who has also played with bands such as primus...godlfesh...and tom waits)...and turntable-ist afrika baby jam

and what comes out is a mesh of jazz/blues/metal/ambient/funk

not many bands (if any) at the time were playing anything like came out at the height of the "grunge" movement

the band has a revolving cast of members (including bassist les claypool...iggy pop...saxophonist john zorn...ex-napalm death drummer mick harris...just to name a few)...but the players on this album are considered the "classic line up"

they've released five albums (this being their first)...a handful of eps...and six live albums

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