Wednesday, August 20, 2008

officer may - smoking in a minor

released in 2003

this could be looked at as the album nirvana could've released after the in utero album if it weren't know...

recorded a decade later...this boston threesome perfectly capture the "grunge" spirit of said band...but also adding some bits of goo-era sonic youth...some shellac (which steve albini could've very well recorded this album...but didn't) like jehu...and unwound

they only released two albums (this being the second)


fred said...

I like this album...but it seems unlikely to me that NIRVANA would've sounded like this ever. I only hear a few similarities between the two bands

Cheeto said...

Thanx for this! Do you have the first one?

ipecac said...

what i was trying to get at was the album had an in utero-like feel to it

as for the first album...i've been searching for it

Anonymous said...

Dead link someone re-up this please!

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