Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the nymphs - s/t

released in 1991

this was the band's only release (though an album of rarities and outtakes titled "the practical guide to astral projection" was released the following year)

the band was known for the goings on during their live shows (for example...lead singer inger lorre would perform oral sex on her boyfriend)...which had gained them a reputation

musically..they had this jane's addiction meets soundgarden thing going on

while the band was recording a demo...U2 singer bono spotted two of the band members mooning one another...he made a phone call...and the recording session was cancelled

there was a delay in getting their debut album recorded because their producer was pulled from the recording to work on the guns n' roses albums use your illusions 1-2...the band's a&r guy told them not to play live...which angered their singer..drunk...stood on his desk and urinated on it

while on tour with peter murphy (ex-bauhaus)...inger's boyfriend died from a heroin overdose...which drove her into a nervous breakdown...and the band broke up shortly thereafter....drummer alex kirst was asked by iggy pop to join him on tour (which he did for 10 years...iggy pop appears on the song "supersonic")

inger lorre released a solo album in 1999 titled transcendental medication

the nymphs (with new members) reformed in 2006 and are supposed to release an album in the near future


Dr. Diabolik said...

Thank you for this. I lost this years ago and never was able to track it down again.

Bobby said...

Fucking awesome album. Thanks

Wildean said...

Thank you, been looking for this.

Enric said...

You can't imagine how long I've been looking for this album (I mean, to buy this album). No luck. I have never had the chance to listen to it. Frustrating to see there's no chance to have a copy of the album.
Fortunately, I'll be able to listen to it tonight, and I needed to say it out loud: THANK YOU.



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