Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guzzard - Quick, Fast In A Hurry

Year: 1995 know, I really really like that Guzzard track that's on that Amrep Comp. Killer Noises--but their other shit, not as much. However; that's just an opinion, and this record seems to be hard to come by on the interweb. This is pure early 90s noise rock:

Guzzard - Quick, Fast In A Hurry

Also--if you happen to have Guzzard's first record; please PLEASE give us a shout.

Thanks again to passerby "Gray" -- Guzzard - Get a Witness

You're a gentleman and a scholar.


Gray said...

Here's the first Guzzard album.

They are truly fantastic.

fred said...

You sir, are a fucking saviour. Thanks a lot

gray said...

happy to help.

yansmd said...
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Anonymous said...

very overlooked Mpls band. i have their demo tape laying around somewhere- real great!

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