Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crawlpappy - Deluxe

Year: 1992
Label: Rotz / We Bite

An anomaly during the height of the NYHC second wave, Crawlpappy managed to play shows with Youth Of Today, White Zombie, and Helmet, and stand out on each bill as the "missing link". I only managed to catch them once in Wilmington, NC when they opened for Quicksand who was in turn opening for Helmet, and they blew me away. They were heavy, they were loud, they were tough, and they seemed mean. 
They had a 12" ep on Blackout Records (which contains a superior version of the song "Neighbors" included on the Deluxe lp), a split 7" with Sheer Terror, and some compilation tracks as well, but this  was the last thing they released, and the most appropriate for this blog. I know it's "more hardcore" than you may be expecting here, but give it a listen, it's a sledgehammer of a record that uses hardcore as a frame to hang their sludge metal, and bar room rawk.



scotg said...

never heard of these guys but i love quicksand and helmet and youth of today.

J said...

saw them once with helmet and quicksand on the "meantime", and "slip" tour. they were amazing. they have a great 7" that features John Stanier (Helmet/Battles) on drums. it's a classic as far as im concerned. can you upload the split with Sheet Terror. please! thanks- J

Anonymous said...

I heard that split 7", it was given away with a zine whose title escapes me. This was a killer album. To me i described them, Helmet (1st album only), cop shoot cop and Sheer Terror as hardcore NY rock'n'roll Quicksand as much as i liked them were too clean cut whereas these were drenched in filth and knew how to rock it.

There's humor in there on the lyric sheet.
How 'bout it


Anonymous said...

Hello! Please reup Crawlpappy - Deluxe!

George ICzernetzky said...

Can u PLEASE ru..link ia dead...thank u

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