Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blacktail - Styrofoam Island

Year: 2004
Label: Traktor 7

Following up the La Gritona post, here's a band with ex-members of that band, along with Anodyne, Cast Iron Hike, Sweetness, Luca Brasi (which I'll post later) and Michael Mancini. It's more of that Boston styled gritty noise rock. Nothing pretty, just a hammer to the side of your face. They describe themselves as "old Amphetamine Reptile and old SST". Sure, I'll buy that.

The Link is fixed, and all the songs are present and accounted for now. 


Earweed said...

Awesome! Some tracks are missing though..

gray said...

i'll look into the missing songs when i get a minute. sorry about that. check back on tuesday night or wednesday morning, it shoudl be fixed by then.

thanks for the head's up.

gibblypuff said...

now it's missing files 11-16

Gray said...

I only have 10 songs on my album. they have another ep release, but the lp is only 10 songs to my knowledge.

Return to Writer said...

hey, is there any chance you could re-upload the entire CD at 320kbps?

This is one of my favorite CDs and sadly I lost it a hurricane while living in FL a few years back.

Seth said...

I found the whole 16-track album here -

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