Thursday, August 21, 2008

400 Blows - Black Rainbow

Year: 2003
Label: Rehash

This music is a tightly wound ball of energy that writhes, roils, and continually folds in on itself. The rhythms are militaristic in their precision, the guitar lines are pulled taut, and the vocals are overdriven stories of sickened characters. It's hard to imagine these tunes coming out of sunny Los Angeles, but 400 Blows are graduates of the same scene that gave us Slug, Qui, Year Future, Bluebird, and the Icarus Line among so many others. 
Black Rainbows will be seen in the near future as a crucial release in the pantheon of rock n roll, no shit, it's that good. They are better, smarter, crazier, and less polite than the average "metal" band, and I imagine their fans are too. 


youngbroose said...

So this is exactly what I'm talking about. I had mentioned in my TAR comment that I have been introduced to so many great bands through reading [shiny grey monotone] and this is one for sure.

Great band. Thank you.

I'm off to look for that first self-titled release mentioned on Wiki.

Maria said...

Heard Sickness & Health yet? Stoked for a new release.

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