Friday, July 25, 2008

dazzling killmen - face of collapse

released in 1994

they came from st. louis,mo...and played what would later become labeled as "math metal" (irregular start/stops mixed with a free jazz experimental sound...taking inspiration from such prog bands as captain beefheart...genesis...and yes)

they released 2 full lengths (this being their second)...a few 7"...and a compilation

after splitting up in 1994...vocalist/guitar player nick sakes relocated to minnesota and went on to be in the bands collosamite and currently in a band called sic bay...bassist darin gray played in a band called you fantastic!...guitar player tim garrigan also played in you fantsatic! and is currently in a band called phut...and drummer blake fleming went onto to play with the mars volta and started an instrumental band called laddio bolocko and is currently living in new york as a drum teacher

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