Friday, June 20, 2008

NIRVANA - Music Source Studios (Unreleased Tracks)

Year: 1991 (Pre-Nevermind)

This was recorded during the period between Bleach and Nevermind, where the band was still under contract to Sub-Pop, who back then was having financial issues, and therefore couldn't afford for the band to go into the studio and record their material. At this point, Grohl had been in the band for 6 or 7 months and they had conceived a dozen or so songs, which they were eager to work on. Their sound engineer, Craig Montgomery, pulled some strings and got them into a recording studio for free (through a friendly connection), and the band recorded 7 songs, two of which have been officially released ('Even in His Youth' and 'Been a Son'), either through a single or the B-Sides comp. 'Incesticide'. However, the other 4 songs have been left unreleased. Included in this archive are those 4 songs; 'Oh, The Guilt', 'All Apologies', 'On A Plain', 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter', and 'Token Eastern Songs'. These are all primarily instrumentals, besides from 'All Apologies'. The rest have extremely faint guide vocals. This is another really cool glimpse at infant versions of songs that were later released on 'Nevermind' and 'In Utero'.

NIRVANA - Music Source Studios (1991)

NOTE: These are in FLAC. If you want them in Lossy, let me know.


pije relub said...

hi, my internet connection is really slow, so I'll lots of problem downloading the big FLAC files. mp3 version will very appreciated...

fred said...

I went and converted the songs to mp3--didn't compress at all. The FLAC archive's only 24 MB, though.

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