Monday, May 26, 2008

m.i.r.v. - feeding time on monkey island


released in 1997
from san francisco,ca
described as devo in a fistfight with black sabbath with rodney dangerfield as a referee
mr. bungle meets fishbone (without the ska)
they've played with everyone from primus to cheap trick to run dmc


One Kid Germ said...

You even have MIRV, no way! If you want me to post mcm & the monster for I will. Thanks!

lil m said...


just named my cat monkey boy and needed his theme song!

MIRV sadly out of print, even in mp3 format!

hullo guys, labels, whomever is in charge these days!

y'know i woulda gladly paid to download this on a legit site if i could!

seems people are jacking for used copies these days too...

great live band...

indeed they are missed...

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