Saturday, May 31, 2008

jack 'o' nuts - the discography

s/t ep released in 1992

on you released in 1994

from athens,ga

they too attended the jesus lizard school of music (steve albini produced half of the full length...the other half produced by dave athens native and later guitar player for the band sugar)

their lead singer's (laura carter) vocal delivery came from a patti smith/david yow place...and apparently she was very mannish in looks and mannerisms (some reports refer to her as "david yow with a vagina")...she passed away in her sleep back in 2002


HamWarmer said...


Michelle said...

Wow thanks for Jack O'Nuts - I used to play them on college radio when of course no one was listening (which seemed like most of the time).

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Haven't heard thses guys (and girl) for yeeeeears, thanks for this!

Chase Harris said...

Any way to download On You?

Double Dubz said...

Re-up?? I have all their shit on vinyl, need to re-get digital!! :)

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