Monday, May 26, 2008

feedtime S/T (1987)

feedtime was an independent post-punk-rock trio from Sydney, Australia formed in 1979. The name is spelled with a lowercase f. The members were credited by their first names only: Rick (guitar, vocals), Al (bass), and Tom (drums).

feedtime's sound was loud, primitive, and brutal. The most distinctive musical element is thick, roaring electric guitar, played with a slide, over a thick, chugging rhythm section. Their loud but stripped-down, minimalist approach led them to be compared to the British postpunk band, WIRE (although feedtime didn't know Wire's music), but feedtime's sound also heavily referenced rural American country and blues. (wiki)

Here is their 1st self-titled LP on Abberant Recordings


Rocky said...

thank you man. you run a really nice blog. have this on a scratchy vinyl. you made my day plus that "band of susans" record is awesome also have that on vinyl.

very cool blog and we have similar taste. looking forward to your return.

rock on.

Anonymous said...

Hello fom France
I have 3 lp's and the compilation " Why March When You Can Riot?! LP by them, it had been a long time since I wanted to discover it records, thank you
A really great band
Always in my heart twenty years later

Anonymous said...

Hi there, now I left Sydney 22 years ago (currently in Germany)where I used to see these guy regularly. Never missed a gig and drank many a beer with the lads afterwards as well. I left all my vynil in Australia and have been searching for this for ages. I really appreciate it. Thanks a million


Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned these guys are one of the best bands ever. Remember seeing them quite a few times, mainly at the palace hotel. totally unpretentious, totally amazing. They are still one of the best bands i have ever seen.


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