Friday, May 23, 2008

daisy chainsaw - eleventeen


the year: 1992
they were from london

the name of the band says it all...
the daisy coming from singer katie jane garside's singing...she goes from sounding very child-like to screeching like a banshee (this was the only album she appeared on)...the chainsaw comes in via the guitar player's tone

they had this kind of butthole surfers meets pussy galore meets sonic youth thing going on

the singer and guitar player later went on to form a band called QueenAdreena that features the drummer from the clash


Anonymous said...

thank you!

eric said...

Thank you, I've been trying to find a copy of this album for the past 15 years. Never could order in my cassette copy back in the 90s!

Anonymous said...

The link is dead...

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