Monday, May 17, 2021

Sandy Duncan's Eye - 525NTSC / Sub

Label: Flipside
Year: 1990

How's about we start the week (this week specifically) with a little high octane grungy rock-n-roll music? How's about we let Sandy Duncan's Eye provide that for us?
Great. Let's do that. Sandy Duncan's Eye are very well equipped to provide just that high octane grungy rock-n-roll musical fare that I have promised. They were a Los Angeles three piece that flew mostly under the radar, putting out two 7"s and a really good lp, that had the Stooges proto-grunge cornerstones, but added their own dark twists to it. You could maybe think of Mudhoney meets Chokebore? Possibly? I think the Los Angeles influence keeps them being less "rock" and more "fucked", which I personally appreciate. Not that don't like to rock. I notoriously love to rock. Anyone that knows me (currently about 13 people globally) will attest to this fact. But, I also like my rocking to skew a little bit weird, whilst still doing the things scientifically required to rock me (like a hurricane or otherwise). Sandy Duncan's Eye does this, so to them I snap a salute, I thank them for their service, and I go about my day of rocking. Problem solved.

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