Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Genki Genki Panic - Spooky Fingers

Label: self released
Year: 2016

We here have a soft spot in our hearts (which are, let's face it,  mostly cholesterol at this point) for Chris (last name withheld for legal purposes) and his musical incarnations. Uncle Touchy was a perennial favorite in my home (the band, not the man) and on this blog, and I've oft wondered if they had not been marooned in Tennessee would they have been a big deal. It's not the only thing I've ever wondered, but I did wonder it quite a bit. "Oft" I believe I said. More than a little.
But, whatever. Chris jettisoned the belt sander skuzz rock of Uncle Touchy years ago to focus on Genki Genki Panic, a hybrid surf/horror/ Band.
The last time around Genki Genki Panic was going full bore, hard charging surf rock creep-outs. But in a fun way. This time around the whole thing is darker and more sinister. The opening track sounds less The Trashmen and more 45 Grave than what the band has previously lead on to. In fact, the whole record has a distinct late 70s/early 80's post punk sheen to it, mixed with some Orange County early punk dirt. Like, less about the good time, and more about slashing the tires of whatever kook dropped in on your local shore break (is that a thing? I saw Point Break a bunch of times, and that seemed like a thing). Surf rock is still the basis, but this e.p. layers in a lot more than just reverb and hot rod references. They work in an atmosphere of swampy dread that skews more cinematic than kitsch. The snaking guitar lines are augmented with waves of synth and skittering drums.

I liked their Ghoulie High Harmony record, but this one is head and shoulders beyond that one. Only five songs, but they all smoke, and never once overstay their welcome. This will be perfect to soundtrack your next haunted house, so long as your smoke machines are on blast, you got a few extra strobe lights around, and your party punch is straight Mr. Bostons with a ground Adderall floater.
Highly recommended.


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