Monday, October 25, 2021

Pachinko - Who Shaved Pachinko?


Label: Rhetoric
Year: 1995

Aren't 5" records such a hoot? Is it anyone's favorite format of choice? No?
But is it weird that this funky 'lil platter (Spazz ref!) is pound for pound my favorite Pachinko record? Cause I think it is. Three songs, one of which is an Andy Kaufman diatribe set to music, all blown the fuck out noise rock boils. 
Also of note, wasn't it weird that Rhetoric Records bifurcated their discography between pop punk types (Boris The Sprinkler, Zoinks!, and Horace Pinker) and super heavy noisy types (Pachinko, Floor, and Ninefinger)? I did.


Anonymous said...

Same with Vinyl Communication label; from indie to noise.

Mr_Crass said...

Great record. Great band.

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