Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Milkmine / Liquor Bike - Split


Label: Merkin
Year: 1993

Two bands, one song each, you're in and out in under seven minutes. No big commitments.
Even though Milkmine get top billing per the official title of the release, Liquor Bike start things off. And they start off in a convincingly rocking way, that channels some of the proto-punk that Mudhoney would hone, with some of the gonzo rock that Fluid liked to traffick in, and some of the post punk by way of garage rock that a band like Gaunt might make. All american good rock music that is played on some bizarro world FM radio classic rock station somewhere as we speak (right after the 18th airing of 'La Grange'...not that I'm complaining).
Milkmine round out the proceedings with a punishing double bass (the stringed instruments, not the drummer's foot pedal) boogie bummer lumber, that should sound like noise rock mating calls to the sweaty and bespeckled amongst you (us). You'll like it. I do, and you seem to like me. Although "like" may be a strong word.

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Anonymous said...

I love MILKMINE,killer noise rock mad with 2 basses, no guitar haha,distorted basses to produce the noise RnR,thanks for posting, some were pressed in ugly CD not vinyl unfortunately

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