Friday, October 16, 2020

Ultracoit - Sex Church


Label: Rejuvenation / Gabu / Day Off / Ocinatas Industries / Bruisson / A Tant Rever Du Roi
Year: 2014

As much as I wanted this to be some Spinal Tap styled cock rock homage to the pleasures of flesh, I imagine there is more staying power in it instead being an extremely ugly slab of Parisian noise rock filth. Everything straining to outdo everything else, the bass is continuous subsurface detonation, the drums are a din of bluster, the guitars are create rolling cascades of distorted roar, only to wedge themselves apart and restart again. The vocals appear to be multi-headed with two, maybe three(?), voices all competing to say something the loudest. 
I can only assume that what they are yelling about it perverse and obscene. 
I mean, they are wearing leather masks and skimpy under-draws whilst doing it, so...what else am I supposed to think?
Even as a prude, I very much enjoy this. Gets me feeling a certain way in my "bikini parts" (it gives me a penis achieves an erect state...that's what I mean).

I'm pretty sure there are still copied available if you want to gross out your kids with the cover art (they gotta learn some day)

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