Friday, July 10, 2020

Ublisch - Gimme Somethin' I Can Blow Up...

Label: Mgmt. Records
Year: 1997

File this one under: "Who?", cause unless you resided within 80 nautical miles from the center of the greater Charlotte, NC metropolitan area in the late 1990's, then you'll be excused for not knowing who, or what, this band is.
But isn't that the point of this blog thing? To take a record like this one and say, "hey man (and that one lady...holla girl!), I think this might be up your alley. You should give it a shot."?
Ublisch were from Charlotte, which never really had a "sound", like Greensboro or Chapel Hill had in the lexicon of North Carolina rock music. But, Ublisch were contemporaries of Shiny Beast, Regraped, Buzzoven, Antiseen, and Cornelius (keeping it NC on that ass), and you can see how they fit within that esteemed company. Kinda sludgy, kinda house show hardcore, and kinda noise rock. It all adds up to a good time (assuming you're into throwing M80s into Girl Scout meetings). I think you'll like it.
Also, the band includes NC mover and shaker Steve Munsell, which means something to some people, but to those people it means a good deal.


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