Friday, July 31, 2020

Trainer - Athletic Statics

Label: Fidel Bastro
Year: 2020

Full-on math rock propulsion from the Bitch Magnet / Bastro (hey look, there it is right in the record label's name!) school of Math Rock Propulsion, with some of the knottiness of Colossamite, some of the undulating drive of Tar, and some of the distant menace of Sicbay. Except, this record was not recorded in 1994 in some Rust Belt, Midwestern college town. This record was recorded two years ago in Germany by (presumably) German dudes, who, to my knowledge have not attended any Rust Belt, Midwestern universities in the United States (I'll double check though, for the sake of journalism). 

Everything hits like you would want. The drums boom, the bass rattles, the vocals calmly berate and then bark their disapproval, and the guitars slice through the rhythmic pulses in that tense, agitated way that you like. Or at least, the way I like. I like lots. 

I think you're going to want to give this one a few listens, it's a real contender for "The Archetype Sound Of Noise Rock circa 2020" award (very prestigious).

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