Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kudgel - Chicken Pump / Now

Label: Waikiki
Year: 1993

A Boston band (Amherst if you're nasty) that fit in nicely with other Boston bands of that era; bands like Slughog, Luca Brasi, Thrall, Green Magnet School (so, not "nice" a it where). But, if you are into that region's early 90's output of burly noise rock (and I can only imagine that to be the case since you are here, with me, right now [can you sense my presence? my breath on the base of your neck...slowly inching upwards...?]), then Kudgel is an absolute must.


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julius orange said...

one of my favorite bands of all time. i saw them play with every heavy noise rock band that came through Boston in the 90's. For those that never saw them, Mark sang in a wig and dress bent over at the waist to scream into the mic down below him. awesome bunch of dudes.

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