Friday, December 6, 2019

ultramantis black - ultramantis black

released: 2014
label: relapse records

"what the what is an ultramantis black?! is this something that i need to be worried about? should i be stockpiling insecticide? should i?! honey! get you and the kids into the bunker now!"

this is nothing like that.
but i do like that you have a bunker.
we'll talk about that later.
ultramantis black.
what we have here is a pro wrestler (and one time member of the band the ultimate warriors) fronting 2/4 of the band pissed jeans (matt korvette and brad fry) and 2 other fellas.
that's what this band is.
look it up for yourself if'n you don't believe me.
and what they play is some good ol' fashioned screamy hardcore.
last i'd heard you were all about some of that action.
so with all of that being said....
don't go wrasslin around in your room again.
you don't want to have to go the ER and make up another story about how that thing ended up there,yeah?


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