Wednesday, December 11, 2019

septic death - 6.18.86 - the farm - san francisco,ca

"from the depths of boise,idaho will you please welcome septic death!" -james hetfield

this is one of those "unofficial releases" that seem to be all the rage nowadays.
i'm going to assume that you know who brian "pushead" schroeder is.
you've more than likely seen his artwork somewhere before....

metallica t-shirts
skateboard decks
the metallica cassingle for "one"
the metallica cassingle for "eye of the beholder"
the cover of metallica's CLIFF 'EM ALL
misfits t-shirts
the cover for jawbox's ABSENTER 7''
the cover for monster voodoo machine's SUFFERSYSTEM album
the cover for kylesa's SELF-TITLED album.

i could continue on but hopefully by now you're all like "yeah. i've totally seen that stuff."

he also runs some record labels that go by the name pusmort records and bacteria sour.

"but what does all of this have to do with this septic death thing? he obviously did the band's artwork but there's got to be more because you keep prattling on about it."

it's funny you should ask.
pushead was the band's vocalist.
are you surprised?
i can't really read the look on your face.
either your excited or you just made in your pants.
i'll just leave this here for you and you can decide what you want to do with it after...uh....

1 - negative threat
2 - child
3 - hardware
4 - fear
5 - poison mask
6 - control
7 - demon inside me
8 - quit
9 - insanity


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