Friday, November 8, 2019

radiation 4 - wonderland

released: 2003
label: abacus recordings

sure. you could give this a listen and think "yeah. mr. bungle. totally."
sure. you could give the vocals a listen and think "yeah. mike patton. totally."
you'd be right about the mr. bungle.
you'd be right on the mike patton.
but there's more to this than just that.
for one: they're not exactly as eccentric as mr. bungle (if you wanted to continue on with that comparison go with their first album).
for two: sure. the guy has that patton-esque thing going on but he never sounds like a sick cat orgy. he hits the screeches but also dips low into death metal territory.

if you're needing more band names dropped....
the dillinger escape plan (yes. the IRONY IS A DEAD SCENE ep. duh.)
mod flanders conspiracy
nuclear rabbit
sleepytime gorilla museum
that music you always seem to have going on inside your head

and come on....
who else is writing songs about joseph merrick (aka the elephant man)?
besides mastodon and the murder city devils.
damn know-it-all kids.


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