Friday, September 20, 2019

will haven - el diablo

released: 1997
label: crisis records / revelation records

"why is will haven so awesome?"
"because they released EL DIABLO."

that was an actual coversation between two actual people.
i was the one that deemed both the band and album as "awesome".
i'd say that this album is as close to nu metal as any fan of deadguy or neurosis (who they've toured with) might get.
i say "nu metal" because it has the familiar leanings of downtuned bass and screamed vocals.
also: they're bestest pals with the deftones.
you could almost say that this is will haven's ADRENALINE.
this is some grinding sludge.
and speaking of grinding sludge: you should also check out the band the abominable iron sloth as they've taken the will haven formula and slowed it down and mde it even more grindy and sludgey and they share 2 members of will haven (drummer mitch wheeler and guitarist jeff irwin) and 2 ex-members of will haven (bass player mike martin and guitarist cayle hunter).
so yeah.
this album is just a good time.
and remember: we don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time.


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