Monday, August 12, 2019

butter 08 - butter 08

released: 1996
label: grand royal

if you know anything about what had gotten released on the beastie boys' record label then you should know what this is all about.

you've got 2 parts of cibo matto (yuka honda/miho hatori).
you've got 1 part of the jon spencer blues explosion (russell simins).
you've got 1 part skeleton key (rick lee).
you've got 1 part movie director/music video director/graphic artist (mike mills).*

*=perhaps you've seen some of his work. he directed the movies THUMBSUCKER and BEGINNERS. he's done music videos for blonde redhead ("my impure hair") and jon spencer blues explosion ("2 kindsa love") and pond ("spokes"). he's done album cover art for the beastie boys (ROOT DOWN ep) and sonic youth (WASHING MACHINE) and sleater-kinney (NO CITIES TO LOVE) and the cover to this here album.

my apologies.
you didn't come here for the wikipedia-like spiel.
i just get carried away sometimes.
you think this is bad you should tag along with me to an all you can eat buffet.
then you'll wish i was using just words.
good times.
before you go would you mind handing me my velcro shoes?


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Brian said...

There's random rarity. Thanks.

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