Wednesday, June 19, 2019

teen cthulhu - ride the blade

released: 2003
label: life is abuse

"so reference to what we were discussing's got the black metal vocals and the keyboards but it also has a hewhocorrupts like vibe going on. i know what you're probaly thinking. how could that even work,right? it does somehow. i'm not sure how but it does. "fucking with death" is the jam,son! i can sense you rolling your eyes under the pillowcase and i get it. it's ok. some folks just can't seem to accept new things nowadays. it's a shame really. yeah. but listen...i'd like to continue on with this conversation because you seem like a bright fella but i've gotta get going. this has been fun. it just sucks that we had to meet under these circumstances. perhaps we'll run into each other at a show or something sometime. i'm gonna be seeing-ah! you almost got me there you little sneaky sneak." -some guy that broke into my apartment


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