Tuesday, June 25, 2019

dysrhythmia - live from the relapse contamination festival

released: 2004
label: relapse records

once upon a time relapse records had themselves a little festival in in philadelphia,pa back in 2003. it went on for 2 days. bands with names like: alabama thunderpussy and burnt by the sun and high on fire and neurosis and pig destroyer and today is the day also played (though not in alphabetical order. i mean...who would play that kind of show? that would be madness.)

and then there was this band.
they're a 3 piece instrumental band from philadelphia.
they're a bit of a jazz fusion band perhaps.
they'd fit quite nicely next to your don caballero and behold...the arctopus (whom the current bass player is a member of as well) and mogwai and your russian circle and your king crimson albums.
they're decent.
you shouldn't really need to know all that much more about them.
just give this a listen.
quit being a sissy.
this isn't like the time i told you to go and check the breaker box in the basement.
i don't even own that leather outfit anymore.


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