Thursday, May 23, 2019

v/a - masters of misery - black sabbath: the earache tribute

released: 1997
label: earache

have you ever found yourself thinking "man,there are waaaaay too many tribute albums out there. i many different varations does one really need to hear of (insert song here)? geeeeeeeeeeeeeez."

i'm looking at you,iron maiden.

there are countless black sabbath tributes out there but this is one of the better ones.
and that's all you really need to know about this.
you've got bands that you like covering a band that you like.

"but i don't see megadeth's cover of "paranoid" on here,bro. i thought you said bands that i like were going to be on here. what gives?"

i see.
you can find that cover over yonder behind that door.
go on.
open it.
don't worry about the doorknob being hot.
that's right.
there you go.

ok then.
moving on.

1 - cathedral - wheels of confusion
2 - sleep - snowblind
3 - godflesh - zero the hero
4 - confessor - hole in the sky
5 - anal cunt - killing yourself to live
6 - fudge tunnel - changes
7 - old - who are you?
8 - brutal truth - lord of this world
9 - ultraviolence - paranoid
10 - pitchshifter - n.i.b.
11 - scorn - the wizard
12 - iron monkey - cornucopia
13 - cathedral - solitude


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