Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Trigger Cut - Buster

Label: Token
Year: 2019

We (the collective "we") have come to count on Ralph Schaarschmidt to bring us the finest German noise rock, by way of Chicago's finest forges, for the past few years. Recently it was Buzz Rodeo, but now we're dealing with Trigger Cut. Which, if you liked the former, you're going to be excited by the latter. It's essentially a continuation, or refinement, of that pent up, nervous energy, staccato push-and-pull pelting. And while one (the collective "one") would be remiss to not acknowledge a very subtle rhythmic melody trying desperately to rise above the clanging guitar scree, and the galvanic roil of the bass and drums simultaneously building and up and toppling the song's riffs, the basic sense of Trigger Cut is urgency. An uneasy urgency that's driving you somewhere. Where? Off a cliff? Through a wall? To hell? Hold on and let it ride.
I highly recommend this one, it's a really great representation of the ideal "noise rock" paradigm circa 2019. It scratches that itch with aplomb. Or, an A-bomb.  One of those.


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