Tuesday, April 23, 2019

pig destroyer - blind,deaf and bleeding ep

released: 2012
label: relapse records

some of you may know who pig destroyer are.
some of you may not know who pig destroyer are.
this really isn't the place to start if'n you don't.
this isn't exactly them in their natural habitat.
you'll be wanting to start with the PROWLER IN THE YARD album.
truth be told: that's where i kind of started losing interest in them.
don't get me wrong though: TERRIFYER and PHANTOM LIMB and BOOK BURNER are ok. they're just not PROWLER IN THE YARD.
as for HEAD CAGE....
have you ever found yourself thinking "i wonder what pig destroyer would sound like if their drummer played on cardboard boxes."?

but what we've got here is something that was released as part of the deluxe version of the BOOK BURNER album. it's an ep of covers. that sounds like fun,yeah? because it is fun. and if you find yourself liking the covers you should really look for some of the others they've done as well....
helmet's "in the meantime"
unsane's "understand"
melvins' "oven"
dwarves' "fuck you up and get high"
stooges' "down on the street"

1 - depression (black flag)
2 - wolfsblood (misfits)
3 - lights out (angry samoans)
4 - can't tell no one (negative approach)
5 - deny everything (circle jerks)
6 - betray (minor threat)
7 - who are you?*/underage** (*void/**poison idea)


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Jerm said...

They've also done covers of carcass, integrity, dark angel, and melvins "claude"

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