Monday, February 11, 2019

King Fu - Cobracadabra

Label: self released
Year: 2017

Chalk this up to: "you should check your messages more often". Back in August of 2017 the band sent this to our attention asking for a general opinion, and we (I mean, "we" is "me", but I am using the royal We in order to obfuscate and confuse) agreed to do just that.
And where does the time go?
A year and a half we are.
Sorry King Fu, that was very rude of we. Me.
The band is from Belgium, where I am certain folks are more polite about their correspondence and record keeping. They play an amalgam of sort of murky, jangly garage rock with 90's grungy alternative rock, and 90's noise rock grim mixed in to keep it honest. So, it's catchy, but the bassist hits the distortion and takes the low end into overdrive to keep it from being "too catchy". Seems to work out pretty well. I enjoy it.'s been established that I have terrible manners, so take that into consideration. From an inconsiderate person. Me. We.


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