Monday, February 4, 2019

Antioch Arrow - In Love With Jetts

Label: Gravity
Year: 1993

Back from vacation in the mountains. No bear sightings, though my parents had three in their driveway Saturday morning. I saw a single turkey, that was about it. A single turkey and a metric ton of beers.
Glad to be back, thanks.
Do you remember when this record was exciting? It came out on the heels of Antioch Arrow's really super great debut 12", and there was a lot of new energy coming out of San Diego. A lot of crazy chaotic energy that was giving hardcore a shot in the arm. So, I was ready to go all in on Antioch Arrow when this second 12" came out. All in. Full on Kenny Rogers in the 'Gambler' type shit.
Do you also remember hearing this record the first time and thinking, " I like this? Wait a minute, was that a keyboard?!"? That ring a bell? It was confusing. A confusing time to be sure, but this particular record started a shift in the cosmos that I'm not sure I fully followed. It was the stepping stone away from the frantic slash and burn hardcore and a step towards the black and gloomy post punk posturing. Which, to be fair, was at least a new tact, and in some cases came off well. But in a lot of cases....not so much.
Do you remember me asking you if this record has stood the test of time? Cause I did. Just now in fact.
Did it? Honestly asking.

*Originally posted 10.13.15, reposted 02.04.19


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