Friday, August 18, 2017

v/a - best of grunge rock

label: priority records
released: 1993

you need this.
it's the best of that grunge rock stuff,bro.
make this record a priority.
it's the best of grunge rock.
come on now.
it says so right on the cover.
and the melvins are there.
weren't they the ambassadors of grunge at the '92 olympics or some shit?
and there's talk of getting high.
and there's some hate.
and there's a fucking band with the "grun" in their name.
what more do you want?
kids nowadays.
don't be the person that passed up the best of grunge rock in 2017.
just don't do it.

1 - helmet - in the meantime
2 - tin machine - baby can dance (live)
3 - nother love bone - stardog champion
4 - the smashing pumpkins - bury me
5 - melvins - annaconda
6 - chainsaw kittens - high in high school
7 - my sister's machine - i hate you
8 - gruntruck - tribe
9 - willard - fifteen
10 - spongehead - nothing


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