Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strangulated Beatoffs - Days Of Our Lives

Label: Death By Blowjob
Year: 1994

Oh, that long and esteemed lineage of bands who's t-shirts you can't wear around your parents. A proud and noble tradition that for me personally, began with a Circle Jerks shirt that wasn't very popular around the house circa 1986, and a G.B.H. shirt my father took particular umbrage with due to some "anti-authoritarian" imagery, especially a cracked open skull which he (my father) somehow wrote the back story narrative on which involved riot police, disrespect, and corporal was a very thorough analysis of an otherwise innocuous mall-punk shirt. The irony of it all, is that now I have to think about my children's reaction when I don a "classic" shirt to work around the house and have to explain why there is a hand coming up out of a festering grave on my Entombed "Left Hand Path" live 1990 shirt. Sucks man.
So, the second hardest part about liking Strangulated Beatoffs, once you get up the moxie to rock their merch in public, is to actually LIKE the Strangulated Beatoffs. It's not easy. It's not supposed to be easy, that's not the way the music is structured...if you want to call it music. With all it's droning, looping, repetition, it's as much endurance test as it is music. Maybe it's the supposed subliminal messages contained within each track (one of them is centered around the "Pied Piper" flute hypnosis played by Martin Mull in a particularly brutal episode of the Wonder Woman television series), but something makes this album listenable. Something.
One half of the this two man champagne jam is Stan Seitrich from Drunks With Guns, which neither explains nor justifies the band, but for a noise rock focused blog, it's important to note.



Anonymous said...

Love Drunks With Guns, and i love NON, which this shares that testing quality with. Thanks for the noise.

Wain said...

I didn't have this crazy record Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Flute hypnosis? Must have missed that one.

BabyHugZ said...

Link is dead :( plz re-up

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