Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Finger - We Are Fuck You / Punk's Derad Let's Fuck

Label: One Little Indian
Year: 2003

Full disclosure, and possible self damnation: I genuinely enjoy Ryan Adams. I find him to be a talented and engaging performer. Sure, he would benefit from an editor, and certainly his output after Heartbreaker has been spotty...I will grant you that. But, the Whiskeytown records, and the old solo stuff is hard to beat. Plus, he's from North Carolina. Plus he was in a hardcore band with Brian Walsby called The Patty Duke Syndrome. Plus he would cover great hardcore songs live. A few bad bar rock songs aren't going to sour his legacy to me.
So, when you have Ryan Adams channeling his old hardcore record collection in a decidedly Black Flag-sh fashion, count me in. Then, go ahead and add Jesse Malin (also of dubiously diminishing returns in his solo work) who was in Heart Attack and D Generation, Colin Burns, the artist who designed the La Gritona discography album (respect!), and Adams' band mate in the Cardinals, Johnny Yerington, and you got yourself a ripping blast of classic hardcore.
The band recorded two eps, "We Are Fuck You", which slays from start to finish, in a 1:00 song kinda way, and "Punk's Dead, Let's Fuck", which spreads out a little bit into more "rocking" territory, which one might chalk up to Malin's D Generation influence, and combined them in this single cd.
Some things shouldn't be over thought. Case in point.


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Anonymous said...

Colin was the vocalist of La Gritona as well as the graphic designer of all their artwork.

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